We are Berry Studios located up in the wilderness of Alaska (ok, wilderness with internet access anyway...) We are a family run business that has been producing art from the north for nearly 50 years.

        Berry Studios was founded in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1972 by Alaskan Wildlife artist William D. Berry and his wife Elizabeth "Liz" Berry. Together they produced paintings, prints, and note cards along with the book "Deneki; An Alaskan Moose" written and illustrated by W.D. Berry in 1967. William "Bill" D. Berry was a wildlife artist and mural painter until his death in 1979. Liz Berry continued producing prints, cards and selling her own pottery until just before she passed away in the spring of 2006.

          Berry Studios is now run by Mark and Diana Berry (...mostly by Diana). We are currently working on the web site and hope to show the variety and timelessness of both Liz and Bill's work along with Diana's Pottery, Mark's Sculptures and their daughter Hannah’s Artwork. We currently have W.D. Berry Cards, Prints and Books for sale. To see his work and prices please follow the William D Berry link at the top of the page. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay!

All images © Berry Studios 2012